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افتراضي wholesale Chemical Respirator

GM303 Single head dust respirator
1.Respirator is a special labor protection product for protecting the respiratory system of a person. It is generally composed of a filter box or a canister and a mask body.The main body of the mask insulates air and plays a sealing role. The canister filter canister can filter poison gas and dust. It is mainly used in working environments with low concentrations of harmful gases and dust. Anti-virus masks are widely used in petroleum, chemical, mining, metallurgy, military, fire protection, disaster relief, health and epidemic prevention and technology and environmental protection.
Art No.GM303
MaterialSoft PVC+ABS Shell &active carbon inside
ColorBlack ,blue or orange etc
Carton size60*28*43 CM
Carton N/G.W9.5KG11KG
Used Areachemistry,chemistry solution ship building,electronic food industry,hospital,manufacturing,processing,environ mental sterilizing,and so on.
RemarksSupport customer brand and packing request!
Description1. Extremely light weight, comfortable & economical against non-toxic & large dust.
2. Adjustable elastic strap, filter disc can be replaceable, Can be used for a long time.
AdvantageStrong filtering,light weight
3.Delivery time:shipped in 30 days after paymentwholesale Chemical Respirator
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