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افتراضي Tint Glass

REXI tinted glass is made by adding colored ions, compound colloids, and metal colloidal particles to the glass raw material so as to present different colors.
The most common colorant China tinted glass suppliers use is metallic compound, such as MnO2 shows a purple look, CoO and Co2O3 make amaranth, FeO and K2Cr2O7 make green, CdS, Fe2O3, Sb2S3 come to yellow, AuCl3, Cu2O bring red, a mixture of CuO, MnO2, CoO, Fe3O4 is black, CaF2 and SnO2 can do milky white. Dyestuff decide the tinted glass price in a way.
Ionic method is a compound that adds transition elements such as cobalt (Co), manganese (Mn), nickel (Ni), iron (Fe), and copper (Cu) to the material in China tinted glass factory, and they exist in an ionic state due to their valence electrons. The transition between different energy levels (ground state and excited state) results in selective absorption of visible light and coloration.
Compound colloidal particle is a compound (such as CdS, CdSe, etc.) in which sulfur or selenium is added to a tint glass containing zinc (ZnO), CdO, ZnS, ZnSe, etc. They are formed and then two heat treatments are performed at a temperature lower than the annealing temperature to form CdS, CdSe grows into larger colloidal particles, and the product is colored due to light scattering.
Metal colloidal particle is an oxide that easily decomposes into a metal state (such as gold, silver, copper and other oxides) added to the raw material by China tinted glass manufacturers. It is first dissolved in an ion state and converted into an atomic state by heat treatment and aggregated to form a colloidal particle. Light scattering causes the absorption of visible light and coloration.Tint Glass
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